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Real Zone: Room  C-164/163
 Virtual Zone:
 Voice mail - 770-509-6125 x504  
MTWThF:  Mornings by appointment
MThF: Afternoons by appointment
WEB:  1:15-3:00; by appointment


Each person agrees to follow the rules of THIS School
Each person in the Zone will show common courtesy to others and their belongings.
Respect will be shown for the opinions and beliefs expressed in the Zone.
Disrespectful conduct/language in the Zone is unacceptable.
You are allowed 10 free leaves per semester. These can be used to leave the Zone during class with the teacher's signature. Each leave should take no more than 5 minutes.
Hats are not to be worn in the Zone.
All rules of safety will be followed at all times. Use common sense.
No food (or candy) or drinks are permitted in the Zone during class or lab time.
Each one of us will be in the Zone prepared to begin when the bell rings.
Have necessary materials for each class. (see PWEs below)
You should be seated and ready to begin when the tardy bell has rung. You are expected to sign in each day. Not signing in may result in a tardy.
Every 3 tardies = 1 absence against attendance incentive.
Each tardy after 3 = WEB detention. Each tardy after 6 = referral.
Each person will put forth her/his best effort to learn as much as she/he desires. PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS. When in doubt.....ASK!
The Zone works best when each of us commits to a respectable, responsible, and reasonable attitude toward each other and this course.
Sitting on the tables/desktops in the room is not an option. Remain seated in a seat unless you have a valid reason or have been dismissed.
Please keep "your" Zone are only borrowing it for one hour each day.
And remember,   "If it's not yours....don't touch it."

Zone Personal Work Equipment (PWE) - these materials will not be provided by Mr. Teters.
 pencil w/ eraser & ink pen (any color) paper protractor
 graphing paper 
(5 squares/inch with margin preferred)
 metric ruler (at least 30 cm) notebook (3-ring binder )
 prescription eyewear calculator textbook when told

Zone Violation Penalty (ZVP)